Get convenient, easy, and fast loan services in Malaysia!

Challenging times in life call for financial aid to solve those matters. In such circumstances, you require the services of a professional, trustworthy, and licensed money lender in KL, Malaysia.

Money Lenders can facilitate you whenever you are in need of some fast cash flow. They approve fast loans and offer exceptional financial services to resolve issues. Be it a home mortgage or business capital; you can easily borrow money and get yourself out of a tricky situation.

QQ Loan works as a licensed money lender in Malaysia, serving the people and resolving their financial problems with our fast and instant loan approvals. We ensure a reliable and secure disbursement with minimal documentation and flexible repayments.

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Follow These Steps to Make It Work

Our loan process is easy and straightforward to follow.
  • Choose the amount and check the loan packages

  • Fill out the application form and submit the required documents.

  • Your application will be sent for acceptance and get approved within a day or two days max

  • After approval, the money will be transferred into your account instantly.

Our Services

What We Offer

SME Loans

A start-up company or small business is more vulnerable to facing a setback due to financial scarcity. At times, they experience challenges and go through tough times due to a…

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Business Loan

If you want to expand your business and bring in more cash flow for your business capital, you can opt for a business loan. Business loans are your solution to…

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Personal Loans

There comes the point when you get stuck in a tricky circumstance. It can be a long-term or short-term situation. For instance, you always wanted to buy something, and now…

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Short Term Loan Malaysia

A business gets successful when it keeps growing and expanding within its industry. However, you require a constant flow of cash to flourish the business. At times, the profits are…

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Investment Planning

Everyone has different needs and individual opinions on how the money should be spent or invested. Each person is unique, and so are his or her financial requirements and financial…

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Financial Consultancy

Financial consultancy covers a broad spectrum of finance-related affairs. Whenever you require help with managing your wealth and increasing it for the success of your business, you can contact a…

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Why Choose Us

Reliable and Safe

As a licensed money lender in Malaysia, you can trust us with a credible and safe disbursal. We keep your personal details confidential, and the entire process is transparent and honest. Our money lending services are as per the law and protect your data.

Experienced And Trained Staff

Our financial advisors and consultants are qualified and experienced. They have been associated with the finance industry for years, and they know all about financial matters. You can rest assured to get befitting and valuable advice for investment planning.

Fast And Convenient

Being a money lender in Selangor, we understand the necessity of some quick cash in times of adversity. Financial emergencies require instant attention and even faster approval of the loan. Hence, QQ Loan ensures a fast loan and quick approval of applications without any hassle and convenient procedure.

Freedom And Flexibility

As a professional money lender, our repayment schedules are flexible and convenient. You can easily return the loan money with interest. Our consultancy is always open to facilitate clients for their comfort.Moreover, you have the freedom to use the loan money as per your demands and financial needs.

Lowest Interest Rates

Our interest rates are the best in Malaysia and the lowest compared to other licensed money lenders in KL. Our loan amount comes with competitive interest rates, and you can repay it easily without any trouble.

Affordable Solutions

Being a leading money lender in Selangor and other states, our financial solutions are tailored according to individual needs and preferences. We understand and identify our client’s financial situation, assess risks, and develop strategies for the expansion of wealth at the most affordable and economical rates.

Repayment Scheme

RM 10K RM 838 RM 2,514 RM 4,190 RM 6,700 RM 8,380
RM 30K RM 2,514 RM 1,269 RM 855 RM 642 RM 519
RM 50K RM 4,190 RM 2,115 RM 1,425 RM 1,070 RM 865
RM 80K RM 6,700 RM 3,375 RM 2,275 RM 1,720 RM 1,384
RM 100K RM 8,380 RM 4,230 RM 2,850 RM 2,140 RM 1,730

Minimum duration of payment:3 months, the maximum repayment period:36 months. Payment period is negotiable. Max. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 8% -15%. There are no hidden costs or fees. Example: Amount of credit RM 5000 borrowed for 180 days. Interest: RM 448. Total amount payable: RM 5448